Meet the Team

At Redee Motorcycle Training our instructors are DVSA certified, DBS checked and have all completed our in-house “Customer First” training package; ensuring we adhere to our core values of safety/value/fun/inclusivity/tolerance and fairness to all. And in so doing creating a safe, fun and enjoyable environment for our customers to train and our staff to work.

Nick Wakelam

CBT & DAS Instructor

After first riding offroad bikes, then on road in his later teens, Nick had a break from riding for a number of years. He returned to riding motorcycles at the beginning of 2013, since then he has had a variety of bikes and has continuously built on his experience. In 2017 Nick made a conscious decision to improve his riding, undertaking advanced rider training with I.A.M. ultimately taking his advanced riding test. Nick is an avid motorcycle tourist, touring extensively when family and work commitments allow.

Continuing his personal development Nick is qualified as a C.B.T. Instructor, more recently he fully qualified as a D.V.S.A. Assessed motorcycle instructor, he now delivers both C.B.T. and Direct Access Courses. More recently he has become an Observer through the I.A.M. certified by the I.M.I. This now enables Nick to train riders to an advanced level in preparation for their advanced test.

Craig Simpson

CBT Instructor

Craig has been riding motorcycles since the age of 8, he raced motocross and although not particularly talented, enjoyed the sport immensely travelling and racing throughout the U.K.  After retiring Craig continued his professional development becoming authorised by D.V.S.A. to deliver C.B.T. courses. He also undertook advanced training with RoSPA. In the process realising a lifelong ambition. Craig continued his development, training to become an Observer with RoSPA and now delivers advanced motorcycle training in preparation for the RoSPA advanced motorcycle test.

Throughout his career Craig has remained a motorcycle nut, having a succession of large capacity road bikes from Honda, Kawasaki, Yamaha, Triumph and BMW. Craig has also toured extensively in the U.K. France, Italy and Germany.

Steph Finch

CBT Instructor

Steph has had a keen interest in motorcycles since she was a toddler. She was always watching her father as he tinkered with his bikes in the garage; and that’s where her passion began. Steph has experience with road, and off-riding; she spends much of her free time at motocross and enduro tracks as well as traveling to Salisbury Plains to ride the multitude of trails and local byways. Recently, she has undertaken her ROSPA advanced motorcycle course and is simply waiting for better weather to go for a test! Psst – we hear she’ll be receiving a gold! Steph currently has a Kawasaki Ninja ZX6R in which not only has she done some miles on, she also enjoys her track days!

Steph is also DVSA assessed and authorised to deliver CBT courses.

Tony Potterton

Trainee Instructor

Tony started riding back in 1978, the era of the famous Yamaha FS1E. He then moved onto the legend that was the Yamaha RD250, passing his motorcycle test in 1979, riding for many years prior to settling down. A break for family and business, then right back into it in 2004 until the present day – in the past 5 years alone he’s clocked up over 50,000 miles touring  France, Germany, Switzerland, Spain and Portugal ! – Oh and because he got bored Tony rode to the most Northern, Southern, Eastern & Western points of the U.K. – twice during the pandemic. Along with his considerable knowledge on the road, it’s fair to say that with his infectious grin, positive attitude, consideration for others, and with his easy going manner Tony is a true asset to Redee Motorcycle Tours.

Tony is also keen to continue his development, and is working towards achieving his goal of becoming a certified motorcycle instructor to manage one of our future sites.


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